British Journal of Social Psychology

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Volume 47 Issue 4 (December 2008), Pages 557-780

Differential relations between two types of contact and implicit and explicit racial attitudes (pages 575-588)

Contact with out‐group members has been associated with more favourable explicit attitudes towards the out‐group in general, largely via the mediation of reduced intergroup anxiety. In addition, there is now a growing body of evidence suggesting that contact relates to automatically activated evaluations termed implicit attitudes. However, research has not fully illuminated the mechanisms through which contact with outgroup members impacts on implicit attitudes. A study investigating this issue assessed White participants' (N =105) explicit attitudes, implicit attitudes, intergroup anxiety, and contact quantity and quality about Asians. Greater contact quality was related to more positive explicit attitudes, while contact quantity was associated with more positive implicit attitudes. Both effects were mediated by reduced intergroup anxiety.

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