Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 82 Issue 2 (June 2009), Pages 233-463

Self‐evaluation and union interest: The empirical relevance of a mediated model (pages 369-390)

A model of union interest was advanced with self‐evaluation as linking economic and socio‐economic realities to willingness to join a union in the context of a new psychological framework. Using a representative survey sample of non‐union US employees (N=1,010), the model was tested with structural equation modelling techniques. Support was generally found for the hypothesized model, although a revised model was considered. In particular, psychological self‐sufficiency fully mediated the influence of financial dependency on self‐enhancement (overconfidence in one's abilities and efficacy), and, in turn, self‐enhancement fully mediated the influence of psychological self‐sufficiency on union interest. Suggestions stemming from the model for future theory, research, and application are provided.

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