Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 83 Issue 4 (December 2010), Pages 815-1084

Valuing money more than people: The effects of materialism on work–family conflict (pages 935-953)

Can valuing money and material possessions lead to conflict between work and family? In this paper, we build on Carlson and Kacmar's call for more research on personal values in the context of the work–family interface. In a field study, we examined the relationship between materialism and two components of work–family conflict: work interference with family (WIF) and family interference with work (FIW). Results supported our main hypotheses that materialism is associated with both forms of work–family conflict. Further, work overload mediated the relationship between materialism and WIF, while FIW moderated the association between materialism and work overload, thus supporting a model of mediated moderation. By linking materialism to work–family conflict, this study adds to the growing evidence of the deleterious effects of holding materialistic values.

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