International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 19 Issue 4 (December 2011), Pages 331-441

Selection Practices in Canadian Firms: An empirical investigation (pages 435-437)

Using 7 years of data from Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey, this study examined the types of selection tools used with 23,639 employees in 6,693 Canadian firms. While 79% of these employees were given an interview during the selection process, only 10% were given a test on job‐related knowledge and 9% were given a personality test. Using logit analysis, job‐ and organization‐level variables were examined as predictors of the type of selection tools used. The size of the organization, an in‐house human resource department, the presence of a union and occupation were significant predictors of the use of a test on job‐related knowledge in the selection process. The implications and plausible explanations of this theory to practice gap are discussed.

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