International Journal of Applied Linguistics

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Volume 19 Issue 3 (November 2009), Pages 219-360

Chacun à son gout? Task‐based L2 pedagogy from the teacher's point of view (pages 286-310)

In this paper, task‐based language teaching (TBLT) and its relationship to task‐based learning is investigated by drawing on teachers' pedagogic principles and practices as they relate to adopting, adapting, or rejecting TBLT in their classrooms. In particular, the paper seeks to discover the relevance of TBLT‐related research and teacher education literature for experienced L2 teachers, the ways in which these published accounts are reflected in teachers' pedagogic principles, and how such principles and practices are combined with approaches other than TBLT. Four experienced UK‐based ESL teachers were interviewed and observed in their classrooms a number of times. Based on case studies of these teachers, four TBLT‐related pedagogical principles in their teaching are identified and discussed in the light of the interview and observational data.

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