International Journal of Applied Linguistics

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Volume 21 Issue 3 (November 2011), Pages 279-426

L1 in English language learning: a research study in a Greek regional context (pages 319-339)

The amount of the target language (TL) and whether or not the first language (L1) should be used in the young language learners' classroom is currently receiving a great amount of attention in the field. The present study investigates language learning within a Greek regional context where teachers are reluctant to maximize TL use, due to traditional teaching trends and adherence to the curriculum. The study aims to support the hypothesis that TL can be maximized by creating a student‐centred environment where learners are encouraged to use a significant amount of TL and increase their interest by offering more chances to practice authentic communication. The results of the study provide the understanding of the child's willingness to communicate and explore the TL.

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