International Journal of Applied Linguistics

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Volume 22 Issue 2 (July 2012), Pages 143-285

An evaluation of the monolingual fallacy in Oman (pages 143-159)

The monolingual fallacy is defined here as the idea that the teaching of a second language, L2, should entirely be through L2. The paper examines students' and teachers' perceptions of the fallacy at a higher education college in Oman. Foundation and first year students in the undergraduate degree programme (N = 370) together with their teachers (N = 25) were questioned over their perceptions of the use of Arabic, L1, in the English language, L2, classroom. Using Phillipson's concept of linguistic imperialism, LI, as the theoretical foundation, the students' perceptions were analysed. Results suggest a widespread belief in the monolingual fallacy, though this is often due more to elements of a colonised consciousness rather than any set agenda by English speaking nations.

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