Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

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Volume 19 Issue 1 (March 2011), Pages 1-64

The Normative Dimensions of Institutional Stewardship: High Reliability, Institutional Constancy, Public Trust and Confidence (pages 51-58)

Todd LaPorte's contribution to knowledge about Hazardous Large Technical Systems (HLTS) and Critical Infrastructure (CI) systems has provided a way to place these systems in sociological context. The article describes LaPorte's development of the concept of Institutional Stewardship, as an amalgamation of High Reliability Organizations, Institutional Constancy, and Public Trust and Confidence has provided a way of understanding the enormous public challenges of managing and maintaining systems that create public vulnerabilities. The article suggests the development of the Vulnerability Principle as a way of bringing the requirement of Institutional Stewardship to the management of HLTs and CIs.

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