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The moderating effect of gender as a protective factor against discrimination in migrants from Latin America and China

Abstract This study analysed the association between discrimination and satisfaction with life (SWL) in migrant groups by investigating whether different types of social support (SS; emotional, instrumental, and informational) and networks (family, immigrant and native friends, neighbours, and the community) buffer the negative effects of discrimination on SWL among migrant men and women from different backgrounds. Participants were 631 migrants from Latin America and China residing in Malaga (Spain). We identified behaviour patterns that suggest that SS has different effects on men and women from the same place of origin and similar effects on women and men from different places of origin. In conclusion, the main differences in the effects of SS as a buffer mechanism are not determined by cultural factors. It is more likely that they are determined by differential gender‐role socialization, which would lead women to positively value social support.

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