British Journal of Psychology

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Volume 110 Issue 2 (May 2019), Pages i-iv, 193-460

Current directions in visual working memory research: An introduction and emerging insights (pages 193-206)

Visual working memory (VWM) is a core construct in the cognitive (neuro‐)sciences, assumed to serve as a hub for information exchange and thus supporting a multitude of cognitive functions related to processing visual information. Here, we give an introduction into key terms and paradigms and an overview of ongoing debates in the field, to which the articles collected in this Special Issue on ‘Current Directions in Visual Working Memory Research’ contribute. Our aim is to extract, from this overview, some ‘emerging’ theoretical insights concerning questions such as the optimal way to examine VWM, which types of mental representations contribute to performance on VWM tasks, and how VWM keeps features from the same object together and apart from features of concurrently maintained objects (the binding problem).

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