International Journal of Applied Linguistics

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Volume 29 Issue 1 (March 2019), Pages 1-158

Gender and proficiency effects on metaphor use among Greek learners (pages 61-77)

The goal of this study is twofold. First, to highlight the place of metaphoric competence in L2 pedagogy and second to investigate the effect of two individual factors, namely gender and proficiency, on the use of metaphors among Greek learners. Metaphoric competence is an integral component of a learners’ overall L2 communicative competence. Therefore, we designed a small‐scale study in order to measure the amount of metaphors used by B2 and C2 Greek learners putting a special emphasis on the variables of gender and proficiency. Our results are in line with available data and suggest on the one hand a female advantage over men at using metaphors and on the other hand a differentiation across language levels with respect to the ability to use metaphors.

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