Journal of Consumer Behaviour

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Volume 18 Issue 2 (March 2019), Pages 75-176

Quantified or nonquantified: How quantification affects consumers' motivation in goal pursuit (pages 120-134)

Abstract Being exposed to more data and devices with tracking functions than ever, quantification is concerned by an increasing number of consumers. The self‐reflection from data may raise consumers' awareness of their own goals to better modify their behaviors. This paper describes consumers' reaction to quantification and confirms its motivational effect in goal pursuit. First, we investigate the motivational effect of quantification and reveal its internal mechanism from the individual–community perspective. Results show that quantification can promote consumers' goal pursuit motivation. A quantified (vs. nonquantified) way to track progress in pursuit of a goal can strengthen consumers' self‐empowerment (individual level) and difference‐insight (community level), thus enhancing the goal pursuit motivation. Second, we explore the moderating effect of some factors on the motivational effect of quantification. Results confirm that self‐empowerment can be enhanced with high data–color consistency, and difference‐insight can be increased with low outcome–process consistency. Third, we identify the validity of various data presentation modes. Using the interactive progress framing (to date with to go) together with the several subunits mode to deliver data in different progress stages is found to be an effective way to promote consumers' goal pursuit motivation.

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