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Latino parents' links to deportees are associated with developmental disorders in their children

Abstract Aims To examine how Latino parent's personal connection to immigrants is linked to their children's risk of being referred/diagnosed with a developmental disorder. Methods Using the 2015 Latino National Health and Immigration Survey (n = 548), we asked adults about their connections to immigrants. We also asked if their child has been referred/diagnosed with a developmental disorder. We estimated a series of regressions to predict increases in the probability of a child being referred/diagnosed for a developmental disorder. Results Respondents who know a deportee are 2.4 times more likely (p = 0.009) to report that their child has been referred or diagnosed with a developmental disorder. Additionally, knowing more deportees, and having a closer family tie with deportees, are all statistically associated with developmental problems. Conclusions This study adds to the emerging research on stress and child health, by examining the intersections of immigration policy, mental health, and child development.

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