Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

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Volume 92 Issue 1 (March 2019), Pages i-iv, 1-224

Is the validity of conscientiousness stable across time? Testing the role of trait bandwidth (pages 212-220)

Although research into issues of conscientiousness bandwidth for personnel selection has compared global vs. facet validities using cross‐sectional designs, there has been an absence of longitudinal research. We provided the first empirical test of differential dynamicity between conscientiousness and its four facets across time, observing evidence suggesting dynamicity only for facets. Practitioner points We evaluated global and facet conscientiousness validities across four annual criterion measurement occasions. Facet validities were more likely to change across time as compared to global conscientiousness validities. Global conscientiousness can be incorporated into selection systems if one's goal is to predict performance across time.

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