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Suicide risk and social support in Australian resource sector employees: A cross‐sectional study


This study examines the association between suicide risk and social support in Australian resource sector employees. We included 150 participants, who completed the Beck Hopelessness Scale and MOS‐Social Support Survey. Data were analyzed using smallest space analysis and multidimensional scalogram analysis. The analysis identified four distinct regions, which were conceptualized as “confiding,” “affection,” “companionship,” and “practical help.” All of these components of social support were associated with hopelessness, which has important clinical implications as hopelessness is related to suicide risk. The results of this study also demonstrated that lower levels of social support, and greater sense of perceived hopelessness tended to lead to Australian resource workers seeking assistance from mental health professionals in the previous year. Attention should turn towards providing interventions that promote social support for employees in Australian resource industry.

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