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Mindfulness‐based weekend retreats for people bereaved by suicide ( Panta Rhei ): A pilot feasibility study


This study investigates whether a programme of mindfulness‐based weekend retreats (Panta Rhei) is able to improve mood states, mindfulness qualities, and self‐compassion in family members and friends of suicide victims (suicide survivors).


Longitudinal prospective study.


Sixty‐one suicide survivors participated in a mindful‐self‐compassion retreat. The Five‐Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, the Profile of Mood States (POMS), and the Self‐Compassion Scale were administered 4–6 days before and after the retreat.


A significant reduction in all dimensions of the POMS (except Vigor‐Activity) and lower levels of overidentification were observed after the retreat.


Although further research is warranted, this study highlights the potential beneficial effect of brief mindfulness‐based weekend retreats on the well‐being of suicide survivors.

Practitioner Points

  • Mindfulness‐based weekend retreats seem to be effective in alleviating the psychological distress of suicide survivors in the short term.
  • The benefit may depend on standard mindfulness practices and on more tailored interventions aimed at promoting acceptance of loss, forgiveness and rage management, and thus reducing rumination.
  • Since there is no established treatment for this population, this type of intervention, which seems feasible and well accepted by participants, paves the way for future research in this area.

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