International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 26 Issue 1 (March 2018), Pages 1-92

Rule breakers and attention seekers: Personality predictors of integrity and accountability in leaders (pages 17-26)

Unethical leadership behavior can encourage follower CWBs and have costly organizational impacts. In this meta‐analysis, we use data from 3,000 managers and executives to identify antecedents of ethical behaviors: integrity and accountability. Results suggest that many five factor model (Big Five) personality scales, personality derailers (dark side attributes), and values predict integrity and accountability. Leaders who are more conscientious, professional, and rule following and less attention seeking receive higher ratings of integrity and accountability. The strongest relationships were often for personality derailers (Excitable, Leisurely, Mischievous, Imaginative). Values and preferences (Aesthetics, Hedonism, Recognition) also had notable relationships. We discuss our results and their implications for organizations seeking to reduce CWBs, promote OCBs, or establish a climate of ethical behavior.

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