International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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Volume 26 Issue 1 (March 2018), Pages 1-92

Not all forms of misbehavior are created equal: Differential personality facet–counterproductive work behavior relations (pages 27-35)

We examined whether four personality traits—trait aggression, trait industriousness, trait deceptiveness, and trait self‐control—were differentially related to 11 narrow‐bandwidth CWB facets: (a) property destruction, (b) inappropriate verbal actions, (c) inappropriate physical actions, (d) poor attendance, (e) poor quality work, (f) unsafe behavior, (g) theft and related behavior, (h) misuse of information, (i) misuse of time and resources, (j) alcohol use, and (k) drug use. Based on responses from 404 employed participants recruited using Mechanical Turk, we found that each narrow‐bandwidth personality trait often yielded stronger relationships with overall CWB than with narrow‐bandwidth CWB facets.

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