Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

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Volume 25 Issue 4 (December 2017), Pages 195-403

Towards the Classification of Fireground Cues: A Qualitative Analysis of Expert Reports (pages 197-208)

While there is evidence linking informational cue processing ability to effective decision‐making on the fireground, only a few studies have actually attempted detailed description and categorization of the cues sought by fireground commanders when managing real fires. In this study, thirty experienced firefighters were interviewed across various fire stations in the UK and Nigeria using the critical decision method protocol. Forty‐one different cues were identified, which were then categorized into five distinct types, namely safety cues, cues that indicate the nature of problem, environmental cues, emotive cues and incident command and control cues. The article concluded by evaluating the role of expertise in cue utilization, drawing on evidence from the naturalistic decision‐making (NDM) literature.

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