Journal of Neuropsychology

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Volume 11 Issue 3 (September 2017), Pages 305-457

Neural substrates of the ‘low‐level’ system for speech articulation: Evidence from primary opercular syndrome (pages 450-457)

  • Author(s): Maria Caterina Silveri, Francesco Incordino, Rita Lo Monaco, Alessandra Bizzarro, Carlo Masullo, Francesca Piludu, Cesare Colosimo
  • Published 07 Feb 2016
  • DOI: 10.1111/jnp.12099

We describe a patient with progressive disorder of speech, without language impairment (opercular syndrome). Morphometric analysis confirmed asymmetric volume reduction of the precentral areas (>left). Diffusion imaging showed significant white matter changes in the left frontal lobe, with specific involvement of the left corticobulbar tract and connections between supplementary/pre‐supplementary motor areas and the frontal operculum (frontal aslant tract). We suggest that the organization of expressive language includes a ‘low level’ motor system principally distributed in the left hemisphere that shows specific susceptibility to neurodegeneration, distinct from neural systems subtending praxic, and cognitive aspects of language.

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