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Triplex modeling of the political messages consumer behavior in social networks



This paper explores a triplex model of the political messages consumer behavior in social networks, combining the use of Delphi method, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and an artificial neural network (ANN).


The study has 3 phases. In the first phase, the Delphi method is employed, and 24 motivations for the forwarding a political message with a social media are identified; these motivations are used to develop the model in the second phase. Finally, in the last phase, an ANN is used to rank the motivations to determine their priority.


The EFA model explored includes 5 factors that have a positive effect on the level of political messages forwarding with a social network. These are Public view, Performance of Party, Disclosure, Interests and Destruction. Results from the use of an ANN indicate that the main variables in political messages forwarding are showing the relative candidate commitment to ethics (Commitment to ethics) and showing the appropriate scientific level of the relative candidate (Appropriate scientific level). From the results of the EFA model, it is clear these 2 variables are components of the factor of the Public view.

Practical implications

Political marketer, politicians, and political analyst can use our findings and model to satisfy their political messages consumer' needs and enhance their vote market and electoral success. The public view in the political message gets a very important role in its forwarding. They should show in their political messages that the relative candidate has commitment to ethics and has appropriate scientific level. They must create more message with this studies priorities and avoid produce the low priority characteristics of message of this study.


For the first time, the main contribution of this study is to shed light on how political messages in social network is forwarded and how political messages consumers think about political messages in the social network?

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