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Types of value and cost in consumer–green brands relationship and loyalty behaviour


Recent literature has proposed the dynamic construct of customer value (CV) as an alternative approach to studying proenvironmental consumer purchase and loyalty behaviour. This study empirically tests and validates a model pertaining to the factors that motivate and/or hinder the development of the relationship between consumers and green brands. Findings from a survey on green brands in the detergent category indicate that a set of value dimensions and (purchase) costs have a significant influence on perceptions of CV, which, as an overall assessment construct, mediate the relationship between value dimensions and costs and loyalty to the green brand. This research also examines the moderating effect of involvement on the relationships between the 3 antecedents (value dimensions, purchase costs, and switching costs) and perceived CV. Overall, the current study offers a multiattribute understanding of consumers' relational behaviour, concluding with several value‐enhancing and cost‐minimising implications for green marketing practitioners.

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